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Classroom Instruction

The Basic Course - 3 Days
The basic course offers the primary ground rules for using a PLC. We find that even students that propose to know about PLC's are missing some of the basic rules of use and understanding. The course is formatted to guide the students without going over their heads as happens in some factory sponsored schools. Below are some of the areas covered:

  1. What is a PLC?
  2. The 5 Parts to Every PLC
  3. How I/O is Applied
  4. Ladder Logic
  5. Basic Logic
  6. Annotation and Documentation
  7. Installation
  8. Troubleshooting

As much time as needed is spent on understanding Ladder Logic. We find that even experienced personnel do not always understand the reasoning behind Ladder Logic and this can constantly be a problem in troubleshooting and programming. About 50% of the course time is spent actually working on the PLC's.

The Intermediate Course - 3 Days
The intermediate course builds on the basic course by applying the more advanced aspects to using PLC's. A short review of the important facts taught in the basic course is then followed by instruction on programming tools that will be needed to round out the student's ability to both program and troubleshoot. Areas covered include:

  1. Review
  2. Special I/O
  3. Number Systems
  4. Date Storage Registers
  5. Advanced Instructions
  6. Distributed I/O
  7. PLC LANs

Equipment Selected
We have four different sets of training equipment to select from. This choice will depend on the type of class being taught and the type of equipment being used at the students facility.

Six Units - G.E. Series One Juniors used primarily in the basic course.
These units have the same basic instructions as the PLC Direct 305 Line (the unit was manufactured by Koyo for G.E.). This equipment is an excellent choice for plants using G.E. Series Ones, Texas Instruments 305 Line and all PLC Direct models.

Training Equipment

Four Units - PLC Direct 305's used for the basic or intermediate course.
This equipment has analog modules installed along with binary and BCD instruments for operator interface. Again, an excellent choice where PLC Direct models, G.E. Series Ones, and Texas Instruments 305's are used.

Four Units - PLC Direct 405's used for the basic or intermediate course.
Also equipped with the same modules as the PLC Direct 305's. Used when PLC Direct 405's and 205's are used at the student's facility.

Four Units - G.E. 90-30's used for the basic or intermediate course.
Completely equipped with Genius Bus Controllers for teaching distributed I/O. A good choice when any of the G.E. 90 Series are used at the student's facility.

Class Size
The class size may vary from one to ten students. AttaBoy wants every student to learn to program, so we allow a maximum of two students per trainer. This allows ten students per basic course and eight students per intermediate course. A minimum fee is charged for trips to the student's facility which will cover five students. Class sizes are strictly controlled in an effort to maintain a high rate of instructor to student interaction.

Because AttaBoy Automation, Inc. is a full service integration company, scheduling for courses must be carefully planned in advance.

For companies who may have a limited number of students or who want to send their employees away for training, classes will be scheduled in Nashville several times per year based on need.

Please contact AttaBoy to make arrangements. We will work very hard to meet your requirements.

Class Cost

Basic Course
(3 Days, 1-5 Students)
$2650.00 + Expenses
6-8 or 10 Students $500.00 Each Extra
Intermediate Course
(3 Days, 1-5 Students)
$2650.00 + Expenses
6-8 or 10 Students $500.00 Each Extra
Special Combined Course*
(5 Days, 1-5 Students)
$3860.00 + Expenses
6-8 Students $830.00 Each Extra
*Note: This is a lot of information in a short period of time and not generally recommended.

Expenses May Include:

  • Shipment of trainers to and from school site. (Safe return of equipment must be guaranteed.)
  • All travel expenses.
  • Arrangement for proper classroom, if not taken care of by customer.


  • Above cost for continental U.S.
  • 2% Discount for 15 days from date of invoice
  • Net 30 days
  • Net plus 1.5% per month for over 30 days.

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